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Justo Casal (CasalPIX) has lived in the East African region for more than 5 years where he first undertook his undergraduate studies in Photojournalism and IR at USIU-Africa. Due to his human rights assignments as a humanitarian and as a photojournalist, he was able to get to know almost every corner of Kenya and its neighbouring countries.
Justo is passionate about Africa and its culture as well as the safaris adventures the East African region offers to those able to appreciate beauty at its best. I invite you to visit the cradle of mankind, where we discover our truly identity and start seeing the world and its environments in a totally different way.
Spanish Countess Genoveva Casanova mentioned Justo Casal during an interview as the person who introduced -and inspired- her to work with the most vulnerable of society: refugees. "He was constantly telling me about his experiences, showing me his pictures and inviting me to meet the refugees," said Genoveva during the interview with UNHCR Relations Officer Francesca Fontanini.


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Justo Casal has worked for several international entities, like the UN, the BBC and The New York Times. His pictures have been used for publications all over the world, which proves his intense knowledge of the area he works in, and the profesionalism he puts in his work.

Helping Justo in promoting his work, is giving more attention to what is going on in the ancient continent, where suffering is taken to another level. He tries to picture the weakest individuals, victims of warfare and nature.